Volume 28 Issue 1.2 February 2021

| February 8, 2021


  1. Nada Alkhatib
    First Year University Students’ Writing: A One Year Journey of English Writing Development
  2. Khulod Aljehani, Senetta F. Bancroft
    A Nonnative English Teacher’s Gain of Legitimacy Through Struggle
  3. Athip Thumvichit, Ailada Kattiyavara
    Authenticity of Self-expression Tasks in EFL Textbooks: Teachers’ Voices
  4. Michael F. Harrison
    An Investigation of the Factors that Determine Student Satisfaction with EFL Online Classes
  5. Maulina, David Geelan, Muhammad Basri, Nurdin Noni
    Constructing WhatsApp-based Speaking Instructional Material (WABSIM) for EFL Teaching and Learning: A Need Analysis
  6. Hosam Eldeen Ahmed Elsawy
    Maximizing EFL Students’ Exposure to Listening and Speaking through MALL: Daily Voice WhatsApp Messages Between Students and the Teacher
  7. Shuhei Kudo
    The Effect of Content-Based Instruction on the Development of Speech Comprehensibility of Tertiary EFL Learners in Japan
  8. W A Piyumi Udeshinee, Ola Knutsson, Sirkku Männikkö Barbutiu, Chitra Jayathilake
    Text Chat as a Mediating Tool in Providing Teachers’ Corrective Feedback in the ESL Context: Social and Cultural Challenges
  9. Faiza Zeb, Dr. Ansa Hameed
    An Implication of Milton Model of NLP for ESL Learners
  10. Taufiq Effendi
    Past Learner’s Voices on EFL Classroom Management in Depok, Indonesia
  11. Tsereyl N. Verdida, Lesley Karen B. Penera
    Pre-Service Teachers’ Language Preference in MTB-MLE Classrooms of Northern Cebu, Philippines: A Pre-Deployment Training Module

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Category: 2021 Monthly Edition