Understanding EFL Learners’ Strategy Use and Strategy Awareness

| March 25, 2008
Understanding EFL Learners Strategy Use and Strategy Awareness

Keywords: English learning strategies, strategy use, strategy awareness, self-image, Importance of English

Kyoung Rang Lee, Ph.D.
Sejong University, Korea

Rebecca Oxford, Ph.D.
University of Maryland, U.S.A.

Bio Data
Kyoung Rang Lee is an Assistant Professor at Sejong University in Seoul, Korea. She is interested in individual differences in teaching and learning English, including learning strategies of both teachers and students. Currently, she is devoted to better understanding and promoting Koreans English learning strategy awareness and use.

Rebecca Oxford is Professor and Distinguished Scholar-Teacher at the University of Maryland. She has authored or edited a number of books on learning strategies, motivation, and language education. She has also edited the Tapestry Program, a series of English textbooks for college students.

This study discusses the statistically significant impact of Korean students (from middle school, high school, and university, N=1,110) strategy awareness, English-learning self-image, and Importance of English on language learning strategy use. Students who had certain characteristics valuing English as important (Importance of English), evaluating their own proficiency as high (English-learning self-image), and being already aware of many language learning strategies employed learning strategies more frequently than those who did not (all significant at p <.000). As expected, strategy awareness and strategy use were related to the Korean cultural context. Cognitive and cultural interpretations of the results were presented. Implications for English language learners including Korean students were also addressed.

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