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TESOL Global Franchising

The Asian EFL Journal Licensee(s) have been holding monthly TESOL Certificate courses in Korea for 7 years. In 2010 our major partner trained over 540 students in TESOL certificate studies. TESOL courses generate substantial income for example, in Korea, fees range from $1,900 -$3,300 per student per course. (Korean fee)

The Asian EFL Journal TESOL Division is now offering Asian franchise opportunities.

The Asian EFL Journal TESOL Certificate has become internationally unique because:-
a) it is backed by our leading second language acquisition research journals
b) has over 220 editors supporting the journal, many internationally famous in ESL and EFL
c) is the only international course that is backed by global EFL ESL conferences and a continual updating of materials
d) supported by universities
e) at the leading edge of second language acquisition knowledge

The Asian EFL Journal (Franchisor) will provide to the Franchisee:-
a) logos
b) course materials
c) academic research materials
d) international advertising
e) signed certificates for all successful applicants
f) will provide a second I-TAA certificate to each applicant
g) help to establish the programs
h) support as needed
i) other rights to be discussed

Basic outline of rights & obligations

The Franchisee may:-
a) run as many courses per year as they wish
b) provide a locally produced certificate for successful applicants
c) establish their own country specific web site using Asian EFL Journal logos and materials
d) have an option for a country exclusive franchise
e) set their own course pricing
f) set their own course content as approved
g) produce tailor made programs for local conditions
h) conference support
i) may offer on-line courses or combined with part on-line
j) on-sell

a) Exclusive country franchise fee
b) Non exclusive country franchise fee
c) Per student fee as agreed on a country by country basis

Franchisee s marketable income consists of:-
a) student fee (less agreed certificate fee above)
b) all material and book sales prepared by Franchisee
c) commissions etc from sales of 3rd party text book
d) other course derived income

Franchisees expected costs per TESOL Course:-
a) cost of premises for training
b) teachers wages
c) local advertising
d) local taxes and company fees
e) other miscellaneous costs connected with course

Buying a TESOL franchise. Future Trends
The following is a list taken in early October 2010 of countries who read the Asian EFL Journal. Statistics show that English learning is prevalent in almost all countries. Thus who will teach the teachers in 2011 onwards in this growing field of demand?

Those in the EFL ESL profession and who are interested in establishing a TESOL business should contact in the 1st instance the Marketing Director at the Asian EFL Journal (email)