Tech Projects

The future of ELT is moving towards   Internet Technology based learning. The classroom and teacher will never be replaced but will be enhanced and supported by   IT.    Journal articles will appear on Apps, Kindle and other hand held devices. I.T. ELT Teaching will enable the vast numbers of students who live in rural areas to get city based education. The ELT market now has one billion students world wide with an estimated 2 billion by the year 2020. Demand for I.T. products to help academic s and teachers reach this growing market will dominate the future.

The Asian EFL Group has partnered with Intelaface IT Systems to produce software and Apps for the EFL profession.

Some of the projects we are working on and will be available in 2012 are:

Apps for   viewing Journal articles
ELT teaching jobs via Apps

Face to face communication for teachers in partnership with TESOL Asia
Free software programs for students
Global Student Journal Software

Partner with us on IT development:

If you have an idea for ELT I.T. please submit your proposal including who you see as the potential market and IT Division will be in contact with you. Send your proposal here.