Tag: Volume 23 Issue 6.3 November 2019

Volume 23 Issue 6.3 November 2019

Volume 23 Issue 6.3 November 2019

| November 24, 2019

Main Articles

  1. Ramli, Endry Boeriswati and Emzir
    The Effect of Metaphorming Teaching Method on Field-Independent/Dependent Learners in Writing Essay
  2. Ikhfi Imaniah, Ilza Mayuni and Ninuk Lustyantie
    The Influence of Self Esteem and Reading Habits on Student’s English Essay Writing
  3. Irawinne Rizky Wahyu Kusuma, Rosvita Flaviana Osin and I Made Arry Anggabawa
    Impact of Tourism Industry- driven Media Communication in Students’ Speaking Ability
  4. Nor Yazi Khamis
    A New Competency-based Framework for English for Specific Engineering Purposes (ESEP) Practitioners
  5. Azwin Arif Abdul Rahim
    Development of Mobile Learning Framework for ESAP for Technical and Engineering Context
  6. Afif Rofii, Fathiaty Murtadho and Aceng Rahmat
    The Effectiveness of Contextual-Based Academic Writing Learning Model
  7. Kammer Tuahman Sipayung and Tagor Pangaribuan
    Developing Teaching Materials on English for Specific Purpose on Tourism Program of HKBP Grade Eleven
  8. Rafi’ah Nur, Ammang Latifa and Aqilah Luthfiah Busman
    Utilizing the Instagram Videos to Enhance the Students’ Language Acquisition on Writing Composition
  9. Elfiondri, Nova Rina, Zaitul, Faisal Mustafa, Mariati and Irma
    English and Indigenous Mentawai Tradition: The Case of Using English Phatic Communion Spoken by Ojek Drivers in Siberut Mentawai, Indonesia
  10. Lamhot Naibaho
    The Effectiveness of Independent Learning Method on Students’ Speaking Achievement at Christian University of Indonesia Jakarta
  11. Jennifer Yphantides
    Women in TESOL Leadership Roles in Japanese Higher Education
  12. Masruddin
    The Efficacy of Using Spelling Bee Game in Teaching Vocabulary to Indonesian English as Foreign Language (EFL) Students
  13. Maulina, Nurdin Noni and Muhammad Basri
    WhatsApp Audio and Video Chat-Based in Stimulating Students’ Self-Confidence and Motivation to Speak English

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