Tag: Volume 21 Issue 2.3 2019

Volume 21 Issue 2.3 2019

Volume 21 Issue 2.3 2019

| April 2, 2019

Foreword by Ramon Medriano Jr.

Research Articles

  1. Bonjovi Hassan Hajan, Brenfel Castillo-Hajan and Arlyne C. Marasigan
    Second Language Academic Writing: A Study of Teachers’ Beliefs and Pedagogical Practices in Senior High School
  2. Brenfel Castillo-Hajan, Bonjovi Hassan Hajan and Arlyne C. Marasigan
    Construction of Second Language Writer Identity in Student Persuasive Essays: A Metadiscourse Analysis
  3. Conrado F. Vidal Jr.
    Mapping reading strategy orchestration of tertiary ESL students
  4. Bryan M. Nozaleda and Yzzel T. Agorilla
    Connecting Time and Space: Examining the Perspectives and Motives of Distance Learners and Teachers to Open Learning and Distance Education
  5. Olivia G. Rosario and Ruth N. Maguddayao
    Code Switching of English Language Teachers and Students
    in an ESL Classroom
  6. Annie Mae C. Berowa and Richard S. Agbayani
    The MTBMLE Policy: Attitudes Among Teachers on the Ground
  7. Lucas Kohnke and Andrew Jarvis
    Developing Mentorship Provisions for Academic English Success
  8. Joel Mayo Torres and Ericson Olario Alieto
    Acceptability of Philippine English Grammatical and Lexical Items among Pre-service Teachers
  9. Husni Idris, Mohamad S Rahman and Masruddin
    The Effect of Blended Learning to the Students’ Achievement in English For Specific (ESP) Class At Islamic Education Study Program In Indonesia
  10. Masruddin and Alex Sander
    The Efficacy of Pre Service Teacher Training Camp in Developing Students’ English Teaching Skills at English Education Study program in Indonesia
  11. Beatriz G. Clemente and Conchita M. Temporal
    Gender-Fair Language Competence of Teacher Education Faculty
  12. Jimmylen Z. Tonio and Jennibelle R. Ella
    Pre-service Teachers’ Attitudes toward the Use of Mother Tongue as Medium of Instruction
  13. Shanty Halim
    Analysis of Indonesian-English Code-Switching Performed by the English Lecturers in PNUP (Politeknik Negeri Ujung Pandang)
  14. Alma Bangayan-Manera
    Textual Analysis of School Graffiti
  15. Evy Clara, Komarudin, Ubedilah, Ahmad Tarmiji Alkhudri
    Financial Management Strategy and Economy Independency in the Fishermen’s Households of Banten
  16. Chelito Malamug
    Difficulties of English Major Students in Dealing with Figurative Language in Poetry

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