Total value of assistance given to the developing education world $214,216,000.00

Since the inception of the Asian EFL Journal on-line on 2002, the Asian EFL Journal through its founder, Dr. Paul Robertson, has provided the global education community over 2,400,000 free academic downloads, attendance at education seminars in numerous countries and delivered hard cover books to schools in developing countries.

The Asian EFL Journal has, to date, worked independently of AID agencies. Our philanthropic administration is handled by a small volunteer team of SLA advisors.

Philanthropic Mission of Combined Journal Group
The Asian EFL Journal group   has grown over the last decade to include many more academic journals that specialize in specific areas of second language acquisition providing the international education community with free downloads:
Iranian EFL Journal
English as an International   Language Journal
Linguistics Journal
Philippine ESL Journal
TESOL Journal
Asian ESP Journal
Arab EFL Journal
Law Language & Discourse Journal

We strive  to expand our Mission Values and be a leading provider of free academic resources across developing countries. We shall be expanding our services to include the following projects:
a) Refugee Camp English Language teaching programs
b) Training ELT teachers to high levels of skills to work in areas where under privileged children live
c) Free downloads to the global academic and teaching community
d) ELT teacher training in Africa
e) New on-line academic journals to assist academics and students   from developing countries
f) The Asian EFL group will develop free Tech applications over the coming years for global use
g) Will provide specific help to requested projects that fit within our Mission values
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