Volume 28 Issue 1.4 February 2021

| February 25, 2021


  1. Rasib Mahmood, Akhter Habib Shah and Iftikhar Alam
    Effectiveness of Code-Switching and Code-Mixing while Teaching Literature in Second Language
  2. Muhammad Rashid Hafeez, Shouket Ahmad Tilwani, Muhammad Asif and Prodhan Mahbub Ibna Sera
    Challenging So-called Fake Media’s Power Abuse with Social Media Verbal Abuse: Analysis of Twitter Interactions
  3. Muhammad Usman Ghani, Ismat Jabeen and Ansa Hameed
    Appropriate Use of English: An Exploratory Study of EFL Learners’ Use of Pragmatic Competence in Saudi Universities
  4. Clarinda C. Galiza
    Needs to Survive in Writing: A Comparative Analysis
  5. Ansa Hameed, Ismat Jabeen and Naeem Afzal
    Saudi Vision 2030 in Western Media: An Investigation on the Basis of Corpus
  6. Sadq Almaged
    Desecuritizing threats: A discourse analysis of the United Nations Security Council Resolutions
  7. Ismat Jabeen, Ansa Hameed and Naeem Afzal
    Gender Beliefs in Academic Settings: An Exploratory Study in Saudi Context
  8. Mahmood K. Ibrahim
    The Application of English Stylistics to Kurdish with Reference to English
  9. Yongming Luo
    Rethinking Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address
  10. Dadang Solihat, Emzir and Zainal Rafli
    Improving Skills in Writing English Business Letters with Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Approach
  11. Paulino P. Reyes II
    Comparative Analysis on the Usage of Ilocano Dialect Among the Ilocanos and Tabukenos in Tabuk City
  12. Lailatul Musyarofah, Slamet Setiawan and Mister Gideon Maru
    EFL Thesis Writing: Revealing the Supervisor’s and Supervisee’s Attitudes toward the Written Feedback
  13. Odette Campos-Pannogan
    Communicative Strategies and Linguistic Competence of ESL Learners
  14. Gusdi Sastra, Arbain and Al Hafiz
    Verbal Disability in Indonesia Children with Speech Delay and the Therapy
  15. Rosalie C. Leal, Orpha S. Saguibo and Reynaldo M. Brutas
    The Teaching of Civic Education as Perceived by Language Educators
  16. Tahir Saleem, Uzma Unjum, Munawar Iqbal Ahmed, Ayaz Qadeer and Wasima Shehzad
    Developing Sociopragmatic Competence of Pakistani EFL Speakers: A Case of Apology Speech Act
  17. Jihene Beji
    Critical analysis of information in electronic media discourse: “neutrality” or manipulation?
  18. Adel Refaat Mahfouz
    Variation in the Cairene Slum Vernacular: A Sociophonetic Study

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