Volume 27 Issue 5.1 December 2020

| December 30, 2020
  1. Tricia Barcelo Dealagdon, Nicole Joyce Teves, Manuel Tanpoco and Edison Estigoy
    Reading and writing in the 21st Century: An Analysis of Preferences among Pre-service Language Teachers
  2. Farooq A. AlTameemy, Mohamed ElSayed Hussein and Fahd Shehail Alalwi
    The Effect of Utilizing Wikis Collaborative Projects on Improving Saudi EFL Learners’ Writing
  3. Ismat Jabeen and Sarmad Munir
    Implicatures in Macbeth: A Pragmatic Study
  4. Ghassan Nawaf Jaber Alhomoud and Sayed M. Ismail
    The Articulation of Language of Anger in Arabic Language: A Contrastive Cultural Linguistic Approach
  5. Huda H. Khalil
    Attitude as a Tool for Critical Stylistics Analysis in Literary Discourse
  6. Mimouna Zitouni, Sana Dahmani and Salim Alshageri
    William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream: A Light-Hearted Humorous Tone Nurturing A Feminist Undercurrent
  7. Hakima Guella, Géhane Essawy, Hind Alotaibi, Nora Al-Ageel and Anne Reboul
    Metalinguistic Negation among French L2 Learners: Evidence from Eye-tracking Experiments
  8. Amjad Sultan, Ansa Hameed and Akhtar Abbas
    Glocalizing English Language Teaching Curriculum: Teachers’ Views at Pakistan Military Academy
  9. Qasim Abbas Dhayef
    A Critical Linguistic Assessment of the Translation of Naguib Mahfouz’s Midaq Alley
  10. Rasib Mahmood, Muhammad Usman Ghani and Akhter Habib shah
    Pragmatic Competence and Implicature: Learning Process of Pakistani Graduates in English
  11. Mohammad Rezaul Karim and Moin Hasan
    Virtual Classes during COVID 19 Pandemic in Tertiary Level in Saudi Arabia: Challenges and Prospects from the Students’ Perspective
  12. Sameena Khokhar, Habibullah Pathan, Muhammad Arslan Raheem and Muhammad Ajmal
    English Language Teaching Methods: Their Development, Implication and Application in Language Classroom
  13. Adan Ahmad Dogar, Momina Ayub, Syed Wajahat Ali and Ikram Shah
    Learning Chinese as Foreign Language in Pakistani Universities: Understanding Motivations and Perceptions
    of Students
  14. Fouzia Ajmal, Saira and Muhammad Ajmal
    The Coherence of the Curriculum, Textbook and Examination in English at Secondary Level in Pakistan
  15. Bahia Zemni, Wiam Awwad and Chaouki Bounaas
    Audiovisual Translation and contextual dictionaries: An exploratory comparative study of Reverso Context
    and Almaany uses
  16. Nehru Pongsapan
    A Technique to Advancing Students’ Speaking Skill in a Foreign Language Classroom
  17. Feras Ali Mohammad Al-Habies
    Investigating Study Anxiety and Its Effect on Gender and Year of Study among University EFL Students
    in Jordan
  18. Mohanad Alfiras, Janaki Bojiah and Amr Abdullatif Yassin
    COVID-19 Pandemic and the Changing Paradigms of Higher Education: A Gulf University Perspective
  19. Menia Mohammad Almenia and Majed Abdullah Alharbi
    Power, Resistance, and Second Language Writers (L2): A Critical Qualitative Case Study
  20. Mahdi R. Aben Ahmed
    Evaluating English Language Programs in Saudi Private Colleges According to Four CEA Standards from Students’ Perspectives
  21. A. Sathikul Ameen, Shouket Ahmad Tilwani and Akhter Habib Shah
    Enhancing Basic Writing Skills in English through Classroom Activities at the Tertiary Level with Special Focus on the Slow Learners in The New College
  22. Clarinda C. Galiza and Apol Joy D. Cagayan
    The 3 D’s in Writing Proficiency: A Basis for Language Enhancement Program
  23. Marie Claudette M. Calanoga, Loraine Tattao, Cynthia B. Julian and Maribel F. Malana
    English Performance of Students’ and their Participation to Extra-Curricular Activities: Bases for Intervention Programs

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