Volume 27 Issue 1 2020

| April 6, 2020
  1. Karmila Machmud and Harto Malik
    Learning English as a Foreign Language in the Disruptive Digital Era: The Smartphone Use in EFL Instructions
  2. Arif Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Al-Ahdal
    Translanguagism and the Bilingual EFL Learner of Saudi Arabia: Exploring New Vistas
  3. Ani Dyah Astuty, Reskiawati Anwar and Atri Dewi Azis
    Mind Painting for Promoting EFL Students’ Reading Comprehension Skill
  4. Barakat H. Makrami and Salmeen Abdulrahman Abdullah Al-Awaid
    English Vocabulary Learning Strategies Used by EFL Arab Learners
  5. Maria Socorro Yvonne Horton-Ramos
    Reading in the Digitized Era: Analyzing ESL Graduate Students’ E-Reading Habit
  6. Arif Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Al-Ahdal
    Overcoming Pronunciation Hurdles in EFL Settings: An Evaluation of Podcasts as a Learning Tool at Qassim University Saudi Arabia
  7. Ni Wayan Surya Mahayanti, Darmiyati Zuchdi, Pratomo Widodo and Ni Komang Arie Suwastini
    Analytical Reconstruction: A Language Education Philosophical Foundation of Lyrics and Video “Baby Shark”
  8. Saleh Alharthi
    Language Planning in Al-Ghorbah: A Case Study of a Saudi Family
  9. Muhammad Aswad, Nur Fadillah Nurchalis, Abdul Hakim Yassi, Nasmilah, Abidin Pammu and Arbain
    Common Silent Consonant Letters Pronounced Incorrectly by Freshmen of English Education Program
  10. Majid Mohammad Al-Khataybeh
    The Effect of Using the ‘Six Thinking Hats’ and Fishbone Strategies for Developing Saudi EFL Learners’ Writing Competence
  11. Susan Lim-Ramos, Wilmarie S. Francisco, Nichole Anne M. Leduna, Krishia Sol Librado, Maria Roxainne O. Nuñez, Mary Katherine M. Pabraquel, Jerry James C. Deran and Ericson O. Alieto
    Substituting English with a Local Language: Examining Parents’ belief toward Chavacano as Language of Instruction
  12. Ribut Wahyu Eriyanti
    Effectiveness of Integrative Learning Model to Develop Student’s Language Receptive Skills
  13. Catur Karina Swandewi
    The Effect of ‘Out-of-Class’ Activity on Students’ Lexical Competence and Enthusiasm in Learning EFL at Ampenan Primary School


Category: 2020 Monthly Editions