Meenakshi Raman

Name:                            Prof. (Mrs).Meenakshi Raman
Designation:      Associate Professor of English and Communication
& Address             Chief ( Head ) Publications and Media Relations Unit-
Warden Meera Bhawan;
BITS, Pilani, Pilani-333031, Rajasthan, India
Qualification: Ph.D (English) , M.Phil. (English) ,M.A.(English) , B.Ed. (English , Physics and Chemistry) , B.Sc. (Physics)

Teaching Experience

BITS,  Pilani   1993-Continuing

Courses Taught/Teaching: Managerial Communication for M.B.A. students and Professionals ;Technical Communication for M.E. Students and   Professionals; Communication in Healthcare for MPH students; English Language Skills I and II,     Business Communication, Technical Report Writing for B.E. students.


Ph.D.Topic: The Impact of Science and Technology on English Poetry. (1998-BITS, Pilani)


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            Attended / Papers Presented in Conferences in India

  • Relevance of ELT in Professional Education. National Symposium on New Directions in English Studies in India, Feb.14-16, 2001. CIEFL, Hyderabad.
  1. The Impact of Science and Technology on English Poetry46th All India English Teachers Conference at Bilaspur, 24-26 Jan, 2002.
  2. Using News Media in ELT Classrooms at the University Level   25th All India Conference of the Linguists,Calcutta Unversity, Kolkata.November 26-28,2002.
  3. Shashi Tharoor s Riot: A Showcase of Multiple Perspectives. I   World Conference and IX Annual Conference of IASCL, January 30-31, 2003 Bhubaneswar.
  4. A Critical Study of the Title of Henrik Ibsen s Ghosts as a Signpost for the Meaning of the Text. 11th ISCS Conference November 3-5, 2003. Delhi University, Delhi.
  5. Depiction of Conflict Resolution in Major Science Fiction Writings. International Conference on Conflict Resolution: Peace and development. October 28-29,2003. BITS, Pilani.
  6. Raman Meenakshi and Devika. 2004.The Irresistible Desire for Self-Assertion in Miles Franklin and Arundhati Roy. International Seminar on Caring Cultures: Sharing Imagination (Australia and India). Australia India Council, Canberra held at Dayanand College, Ajmer. Jan. 20-21.
  7. Raman Meenakshi and Devika. 2004. Recurring Theme of the Question of Choices in Toni Morrison s Works. XXXVI Annual Congress of IAAS. Punjabhi University, Patiala. Feb. 26-28.
  8. Raman Meenakshi. 2004. Culture, Communication and Work. National Seminar on Meeting Communication Challenges at Workplace. Pilani: BITS, September 10-11.

10. Raman Meenakshi.2006. The Treatment of Individual Choice in Beauties and Furies  by Christina Stead 2nd International Biennial Conference Mutuality & Actuality of      the Creative Experience: Australia & India in collaboration with   Australia-India Council, Canberra at Dayanand College, Ajmer 13-14 January 2006
11.     Raman Meenakshi. 2006. Developing Task Based Language Tests for Assessing  Oral Skills in English37th Annual Conference of ELTAI 10-11 February 2006
12. Raman Meenakshi 2006, Effective Communication as an Essential Ingredient in Group decision     Making , VII ICOQM of Association of Indian Management Scholars ; 3-5 August 2006 Hotel Mansingh Palace, Jaipur
13. Raman Meenakshi 2006 ,Using Appropriate verbal Cues in Business Conversations in English ,2nd  International and 38th Annual ELTAI Conference Crescent Engg. College, Chennai, 9-10 Feb. 2007
14.   Raman Meenakshi. 2007.Adopting lexical approach in ESP classes to teach the nuances of business meetings. National conference on innovative approaches and techniques of teaching English. 13-14 July 2007, PSG Tech., Coimbatore.
15. Raman Meenakshi and Nagendra Parashar Teaching and learning softskills : a case study of BITS Practice School, International conference on soft skills development strategies: corporate and academia perspectives, BITS, Pilani, September 19-20, 2008
16. Poonam Vyas and Meenakshi Raman, Decision Making : a mandatory skill at workplace, International conference on soft skills development strategies: corporate and academia perspectives, BITS, Pilani, September 19-20, 2008
17. Global Skill Summit, FICCI, New Delhi, 21-22 August 2008. (Attended)

Papers presented at Conferences Abroad

1.    Using Newsmedia in ELT Classrooms  at the TESOL 2005 Annual Convention, San Antonio, Texas, USA, 30-31 March- 2 April 2005.
2. Importance of Vocabulary in English Language Teaching. TESOL Symposium at Dubai men s College, Dubai , 27 March 2006   (Attended)
3. Activity-based approach for teaching scientific and technical writing in English at IATEFL 2007 Conference at Aberdeen, Scotland, UK; 18-22 April, 2007
4.ETS TOEFL iBT Web Seminar for scorers by Darla Mellors, Global Division, ETS, NJ, 15 Nov.2007 11 p.m. IST. (Attended)
5.  The evolving architecture of CBI. TESOL Virtual Seminar, 21 May 2008, 7 to 8.30 p.m. IST (Attended)
6.   Establishing relationships with wider society: role of media relations unit, 2nd international conference of ACU (Association of Commonwealth Universities) PR & Marketing Communications Netwrok, Durban, South Africa, July 14-16, 2008

Books and Notes Published

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Lectures/Talks Delivered

  • Effective Communication. APOGEE Workshop. BITS, Pilani. March 17,2000.
  • Technical Communication. DLPD Contact Classes. IIQM, Jaipur. August 24-26,2000.
  • Evolving an Interactive Method for Writing Project Reports. STTP for Teachers of Technical Institutions.IET Alwar. Oct.29-Nov.2, 2001.
  • Evolving an Interactive Method for Writing Laboratory Reports. STTP for Teachers of Technical Institutions.IET Alwar. Oct.29-Nov.2, 2001.
  • Making Memorable Professional Presentations. Officers Association. Nuclear Fuel Complex. Hyderabad. June 20.2001.
  • Towards Better Interpetrsonal Communication. DJ Academy for Managerial Excellence, Coimbatore. June 28,2001.
  • A Series of Lectures on Technical Communication IIQM, Jaipur18-20 Feb. 2002
  • Effective Communication in Medical Profession Indian Medical Association, Roorkee Branch, Roorkee27th April, 2002
  • Technical Communication: An Overview and Communication Technology                         Faculty Development Programme at BITS, Pilani organized by Entrepreneurship and Management Development Institute, Jaipur & BITS, Pilani                   23rd March, 2002
  • Technology-enabled Communication. Talk delivered at BBVP, Pilani. Intel-Teach to the Future, Utkarsh Master Trainers Club Meet, March 24, 2003.
  • Communicating With a Global Audience. Talk delivered on World Communication Day. IETE CEERI Centre, BTTI, Pilani. May 17,2003.
  • Conflict Transformation and Citizens Diplomacy. Participant in the Workshop at BITS, Pilani. Conducted by CIDCM, Maryland, USA., Oct.30-Nov.1, 2003.
  • Technical Communication: A series of lectures during the contact classes for the off-campus M.Phil. Program in Hospital and Health System Management (HHSM). Jan.19-Feb.20, 2004.
  • The Importance of Communication in the Professional World. 2004. Talk Delivered at RLIM Madurai. Feb.13.
  • Lexicon Content in English Language Teaching. 2004. Lecture and Demonstration in the workshop conducted at BPS, Pilani. March. 8.
  • Science Communication.CSIR Programme on Faculty Training, CEERI, Pilani, 1-2 April2005
  • Job-winning Interviews BRCM College of Engineering and Technology, Vidyagram, Bahal, Haryana, 12 November 2005
  • Success Strategies for GRE and TOEFLBITS Pilani- Dubai Campus, Dubai, 26   March 2006
  • Emotional Intelligence and Nonverbal Communication. Sri Ramana Gounder

Medical Trust, Coimbatore, 08 June 2006

  • Communicating through Body Language. Yashodha Hospitals, Hyderabd, 14 June   2006
  • Emotional Intelligence: The cornerstone of organizational leadership, talk-cum-discussion at ICFAI (Tech) Jaipur, 31 March 2007.
  • Conducted Two-day workshop on Job winning skills and strategies, Trichy Anna

University Campus Placement Programme, 21-22 June 2007.

  • Conducted three-day workshop on Enhancing placement abilities of students, G.H.Raisoni Group of institutions, Nagpur, 5-7 September 2007.
    24.  Conducted a two-day workshop on Accent and Interview skills, UPES, Gurgaon,    30 Sept. and 1 Oct. 2007
    25.  Conducted   one-day workshop on Success strategies for job interviews,
    Sobhasaria College of Engineering, Sikar, 18 Oct.2007
    26.  English language teaching methodologies, lecture delivered at HRD Prog. For school teachers and administrators, BITS, Pilani- 24 Sept, 29 Oct, 2007 and 29   Jan. 2008.
    27. Conducted Three-day workshop on Job winning presentations, GDs and   Interviews,Engineering College, Bikaner, 7-9 March 2008.
    28. Conducted one day workshop on Acing the Job Interviews, BITS-Pilani Goa Campus, Goa, 3August 2008
    29.   Conducted one day workshop on Business Communication, MITSOB (Maharashtra Institute of
    technology School of Business), Pune, 20 August 2008
    30     Conducted one day workshop on Success Strategies for GRE Verbal, BITS Pilani Goa Campus, Goa,26 October 2008


1.  Ray Tongue Scholarship award ( £300) for presenting paper in Aberdeen, Scotland by IATEFL (International Association for Teachers of English as a Foreign Language), Dec.2006
2. British Council Award for Best Paper Presenter by ELTAI
( English Language teachers Association of India) , Feb.2007
3. ACU (Association of Commonwealth Universities ) Bursary for attending the 2nd international conference in Durban, South Africa during 14-16 July 2008