Listening Strategy Instruction: Exploring Taiwanese College Students Strategy Development

| June 25, 2009
Listening Strategy Instruction: Exploring Taiwanese College Students Strategy Development

Keywords: listening comprehension, strategy instruction, Taiwanese college students

Ai-hua Chen
Chinmin Institute of Technology, Taiwan

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Ai-hua Chen holds an Ed.D in TESOL from The University of Queensland in Australia. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Center for General Education at Chinmin Institute of Technology in Taiwan. Her research interests focus on TESOL pedagogy, second language acquisition, EFL listening instruction and language learner strategies.

This study reports on the implementation of strategy instruction (SI) in the regular EFL listening curriculum in the context of a Taiwanese technological college. Rather than examining a cause-effect relationship, this study focused in particular on exploring learners listening strategy development over the course of SI. The participants were 31 non-English major students of different listening proficiency enrolled in an EFL listening course for fourteen weeks. The SI consisted of in-class strategy awareness-raising, demonstration, practicing and discussion of students strategy use, as well as out-of-class students self-reflection on their own listening processes. Reflective journals were employed to provide quantitative and qualitative insights into how students develop their strategy use over time, and how they adapted themselves to learn in more self-directed ways. Results showed that students reported greater awareness and control of their listening strategies. This study demonstrates that SI can be integrated in the EFL listening classroom, and can lead to positive effects for learners understanding and use of listening strategies. The paper concludes with discussions of, and implication for, implementing SI in regular EFL listening curriculum within the constraints imposed by the given context.

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