Designing Holistic Units for Task-Based Learning

| September 29, 2006
Designing Holistic Units for Task-Based Learning

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Roger Nunn
Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi

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Roger Nunn has worked in EFL for over 30 years in seven different countries, including more than 22 years in Asia. He is currently working at the Petroleum Institute, a new University in Abu Dhabi, where he teaches communications and research skills. He is also Senior Associate Editor of the Asian EFL Journal. He has a Trinity College TEFL diploma, an MA and Ph.D. in TEFL from the University of Reading, UK. His Ph.D. study was on teaching methodology and curriculum development across cultural boundaries in a Middle East setting. He has published widely on a variety of topics and is particularly interested in international and intercultural perspectives on language teaching.

This paper will outline the rationale behind the design of units of learning ‘activities’ in the form of interlocking sets of interactive holistic ‘tasks’ and supporting ‘exercises’. The illustrations used to support the argumentation are extracts from “task-based units” designed for a general education English foundation course at Kochi University in Japan over a seven-year period, and which are still being used and developed today. This paper will attempt to describe the theoretical underpinning of the units in relation to their practical aim: to encourage students to develop their ability to learn how to use English as a means of international communication.

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