Volume 23 Issue 6.2 November 2019

| November 24, 2019

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Main Articles

  1. Robert J. Dickey
    Women in ELT Associations Leadership: When and Where?
  2. Jufri, Yusri and Mantasiah R.
    The Interference of First Foreign Language (German) in the Acquisition of Second Foreign Language (English) by Indonesian Learner
  3. Mantasiah R., Yusri and Jufri
    The Role of Bilingualism in Increasing Children’s Cognitive Ability at Primary School
  4. Astri Hapsari and Diah Agustina Ratu
    Process and Genre Integration as a Mediation of Learning to Write: Students’ Voices
  5. Jessie L. Labiste, Jr.
    Contextualization in English Language Education: Navigating the Place of Maritime Culture in Philippine English Language Teaching
  6. Syarifudin
    Compensatory Communication Strategies Employed by EFL Students in Taking Turns Talking of a Speaking Class
  7. Ammang Latifa and Rafi’ah Nur
    Communication Strategies of Indonesian EFL Learners in Speaking English
  8. I Gede Budasi and I Wayan Agus Anggayana
    Developing English for Housekeeping Materials for Students of Sun Lingua College Singaraja-Bali
  9. Thi Thanh Huyen Phuong
    Vietnamese EFL Learners’ Perspectives of Pronunciation Pedagogy
  10. Devi Hellystia
    Web-Based Blended Learning for EFL Reading in the University Context in Indonesia

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