Volume 23 Issue 5 2019

| July 16, 2019

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Barry Lee Reynolds and (Mark) Feng Teng

Main Articles

  1. Ching-Wen (Felicia) Wang
    Can Raising Phonological Awareness Enhance the English Reading Comprehension of Taiwanese Primary School-aged Children?
  2. Fang-Chi Chang, Shu-I Chang, & Hsiu-Fen Hsu
    Application of a Visual Organizer to Improve English Writing in a Taiwanese Elementary School
  3. Qin Xie & Yuqi Lei
    Formative Assessment in Primary English Writing Classes: A Case Study from Hong Kong
  4. Shizhou Yang & Meixin Nong
    Making New Books in Rural Middle Schools in China: A Preliminary Exploration of Local Realities and Community-oriented Literacy
  5. Amy Kong & Gavin Bui
    Reader Stances and Writer Responses in L2 Peer Review: A Study of L2 Writing Literacy among Hong Kong Secondary School Students
  6. Ying-Chun Shih
    Effects of Extensive Reading on Taiwanese 11th Graders’ Motivation and Grammatical Competence: A Preliminary Study

Book Reviews

  1. Classroom Writing Assessment and Feedback in L2 School Contexts. Icy Lee. Springer, 2017, Pp. 1 + 157.
    Reviewed by Jingjing Ma
  2. Teaching English to Young Learners: Critical Issues in Language Teaching with 3-12 Year Olds. Janice Bland (Ed.). Bloomsbury Publishing plc, 2015, Pp. ix + 301.
    Reviewed by Sylvia Liu & Barry Lee Reynolds

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