Volume 23 Issue 3.3 2019

| May 26, 2019

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Research Articles

  1. Saidna Zulfiqar Bin-Tahir, Aminah Suriaman and Yulini Rinantanti
    Designing English Syllabus for Multilingual Students at Pesantren Schools
  2. Aminah Suriaman, Saidna Zulfiqar Bin-Tahir and Sriati Usman
    Designing Web-Based English Listening Instruction. An Analysis of Indonesian
    University Student‘s Needs
  3. Nopa Yusnilita, Yan Mujiyanto, Mursid Saleh and Dwi Anggani Linggar Bharati
    Lecturers’ Roles in Readers’ Theatre Instruction for Building Students’ Literacy
  4. Ma. Donna B. Macadangdang
    Problem Solving Proficiency and Reading Comprehension Skills of College Students and Selected Correlates
  5. Phatchara Phantharakphong, Piyada Sudathip and Keow Ngang Tang
    The Relationship between Reading Skills and English Proficiency of Higher Education Students:
    Using Online Practice Program
  6. Marie Claudette M. Calanoga
    Mechanics and Grammar Error Analysis in Students’ Write-Ups: Basis for Incidental Teaching
    in the Classroom
  7. Muhammad Ahkam Arifin and Ahmad Ardillah Rahman
    The implementation of collaborative learning in teaching writing to Indonesian university students:
    A blended language learning context
  8. Aprillette C. Devanadera
    Newspapers’ text headlines: A discourse analysis on the ideological representation to a female leader
  9. Ali G. Anudin
    A Discourse Analysis on Economic Plenary Debates over the General Appropriations Bill in the Philippines
  10. Liane Neill N. Bautista and Presley V. De Vera
    Construct Validity and Difficulty Index of Departmentalized Reading Comprehension Test for Grade 11 Students
  11. Edy Suprayitno, Syamsudin Rois and Adip Arifin
    Character Value: The Neglected Hidden Curriculum in Indonesian EFL Context
  12. Vajjaganh Suriyatham
    Exploring What EFL Learners Learned through English Songs: A Case Study in a Thai University
  13. Ria Arellano – Tamayo
    Linguistic Competence of Freshmen English Majors: Basis for Intensive Language Review
  14. Shalvin Singh
    Developing Reading Comprehension Through Metacognitive Strategy Training
  15. Panfilo C. Canay and Conchita Malenab – Temporal
    Framing President Duterte’s Rhetoric Through Discursive Strategies of Representation
  16. Anna Louisa R. Perez
    English Proficiency Level of Grade 5 Mathematics Pupils among Selected Central Schools in Zamboanga City
  17. Lalu Suhirman
    EFL Teachers’ Perception on the Use of Online Learning for Debriefing Pre-Condition of
    Teacher – Certification in Papua
  18. Rowena Romero – Sto. Tomas
    Multiple Intelligences as an Approach in Teaching Literatures of the World
  19. Mark Leomyr A. Sagun and Presley V. De Vera
    Appropriateness of Afro – Asian Literary Texts in Developing Metalinguistic Awareness Among
    Grade 8 Students
  20. Sitti Halimah and Muhammad Azwar Paramma
    Attitudes and Approaches of the EFL Teachers on Scientific Approach in Indonesian School Context
  21. Rhegina Mangrobang Flora and Presley V. De Vera
    Grammatical Errors in the Business Correspondence Corpora of Sophomore BSBA Students
  22. Gillian Mae G. Villaflor
    MALL (Mobile-Assisted Language Learning) Wows and Woes of ESL Teachers
  23. Yulini Rinantanti, Saidna Zulfiqar Bin-Tahir and Aminah
    The Impact of EFL Senior High School Teachers’ Performance in Papua, Indonesia toward the Students’ English Learning Achievement
  24. Laureana M. Lingan and Maribel F. Malana
    Literary Reading Comprehension Skills of Senior Students in Cagayan: An Assessment
  25. Gemma R. Pascual
    Awareness of Metacognitive Reading Strategies among the Public Elementary School Teachers
    in Lal-Lo


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