Volume 21 Issue 2.5 2019

| April 4, 2019

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Foreword Ramon Medriano Jr.

Research Articles

  1. Kyungsook Paik
    Attitudes of North Korean people towards English: Present and Future
  2. Anuradha T and Dr. Revathi Viswanathan
    Need for CLIL Approach to Teaching in Indian Schools
  3. John Mark G. Lachica
    Lift Yourself Up or Dust Yourself Down: A Phenomenology of the Speaking Anxiety Experienced by University Students
  4. Richard Stacey
    Combating the dark side of collegiality through cooperative development: Evaluating and suggesting changes to the practices of an existing teacher study group
  5. Leah Gustilo, Abdul Wahid Tocalo and King Arman Calingasan
    The Intelligibility and Acceptability of Internet Philippine English (IPE): Their Implications to English Language Teaching in the New English Varieties
  6. Shiena Ramos Suiza, Randy Joy Magno Ventayen and Nova Espino Arquillano
    Effect of Home Support Program in English Proficiency for Preschool Learners in Thailand
  7. Akhmad Ripai Subroto, Iwan Jazadi and Mahyuni
    Socio-Economic Representations in English Language Textbooks Used in Regional Indonesia
  8. Eladia U. Rivera and Melanie F. Lear
    Assessing the Information, Education, and Communication Materials for Breastfeeding in a Selected City of Zamboanga Peninsula
  9. Gemma R. Pascual
    Metacognitive Awareness of Reading Strategies of the Prospective ESL Teachers
  10. Ruperto D. Mendoza, Jr.
    The Influence of Innovative Team Building Facets in Decision – Making of Secondary School Principals
  11. Ferdinand Bulusan
    Selecting Potential Instructional Materials for Literature Teaching in the 21st Century Milieu: Findings from a Systematic Review of Literature
  12. Andrei Vista Batalla and Presley V. De Vera
    Difficulties in English Writing Skills of Sophomore College Students
  13. Ria Arellano – Tamayo
    College English Proficiency of Freshmen: Basis for Language Curriculum Enhancement
  14. Jomijea Laroco Martinez and Presley V. De Vera
    Sociolinguistic Competence of Foreign National College Students
  15. Jesus Rafael B. Jarata
    Preservation of Cultural Communities: A Semiotic Study of the Advertisers’ Construction of Culture in the Northern Philippines
  16. Ruperto D. Mendoza, Jr.
    The Variation between Public and Private Secondary School Teachers in Sulu: Evidence from Verbal English Fluency, Workplace Stress, Coping Mechanism and Job Performance
  17. Gemma R. Pascual and Beatriz G. Clemente
    Grammatical Competencies among Prospective ESL Teachers
  18. C. GangaLakshmi and R. Naganathan
    Reflective Teaching – A Source for Reconstituting Teaching Pedagogy


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