Volume 21 Issue 2.4 2019

| April 4, 2019

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Foreword by Ramon Medriano Jr.

Research Articles

  1. Lalu Suhirman
    Building Professional Development for Peer Coaching and Collaborating to Plan Research Lesson:
    Case of Japanese Lesson Study Approach
  2. Jennibelle R. Ella, Marvin C. Casalan and Rochelle Irene G. Lucas
    Examining the Morphological Processing of Inflected and Derived words by Students
    in Grades 7, 8, and 9
  3. Lei Angelic F. Patoc and Ronald Candy S. Lasaten
    Grammatical Errors Reflected in the Narrative Compositions of Grade 7 Students: Bases in the Development of a Learning Support Material in English Grammar
  4. Joshlen C. Baclayon
    Positive Approach: Learning Style Preferences and Teaching Styles
  5. Yeonsuk Bae
    Teaching and Raising Awareness of Linguistic Politeness for Appropriateness in EFL Context
  6. Yuni Budi Lestari
    Teacher Agency and Localisation of English Language Teaching in Indonesia
  7. Kismullah Abdul Muthalib, Syamsul Bahri Ys and Faisal Mustafa
    Why are you different? Investigating reasons of success by high achieving EFL students
  8. Annie Mae C. Berowa
    President Rodrigo Roa Duterte in the Spotlight: The Pragmatic Factors and Functions of Swearing in Public Discourse
  9. Ronda B. Tullay
    Exploring Research Areas in Language Education Dissertations
  10. Romel Ramiro Costales
    English Lexical Knowledge of Pre-service Teachers: Basis for Teacher Education Language Program Enrichment
  11. Marites Q. Catabay
    Linguistic Landscape of Higher Education Institutions
  12. Sarah S. Taupan
    Cultural and Linguistic Competence among Community Nurses in Zamboanga Peninsula
  13. Laureana M. Lingan
    Prospective Teachers’ Level of Communicative Competence as Basis for English Program Enhancement
  14. Leila D. Benito
    Role of Language in Quality Care among Selected Clients of Rural Health Centers in the Zamboanga Peninsula
  15. Vicenta T. Escobar
    Overcoming Linguistic Barriers in the Delivery of Health Care Services: Nurses’ Perspective
  16. Ian Roger Mabazza – Francisco
    Probing Students’ Abilities in Writing the ‘Hook’ Using the ‘Funneling Style’


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