John Unger

John Unger teaches EAP courses at Georgia Gwinnet College in Lawrenceville, Georgia,
USA. He has worked and studied in a wide variety of ESL/EFL and developmental English
contexts for 20 years. He has published, presented papers and workshops, and taught
undergraduate and graduate courses revolving around TESOL, gesture and language,
writing, developmental English, linguistics, traditional English grammar and usage, literacy,
semiotics and video games, and multilingual/ multicultural education. His current research
revolves around different types of semiotic literacies that can be developed as supporting
tools for English language learners in K-12, Academic ESL, and transitional literacy-learning
contexts. Before his life in higher education, John spent four years in the U.S. Navy and
fifteen seasons on coastal and deep-sea commercial fishing boats in the Northern Pacific,
Gulf of Alaska, and Bering Sea.

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Dr. John A. Unger
Associate Professor of EAP
School of Education
Georgia Gwinnett College
Lawrenceville, GA USA 30043