TESOL Certification

The Asian EFL Journal and TESOL Asia have been  running one of the world’s most credible and affordable TESOL certificate course since 2001.
Courses are currently run in :

  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • China
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines

Over 300 graduates receive the TESOL certificate each month. Those in the Philippines (150 a month) then go on to work in Vietnam and China under government and non government programs.

The course is backed by the vast professional editorial board of the Asian EFL Journal with state of the art and up to date knowledge transmitted through the course by qualified tutors holding Ma or higher degrees.

The Southeast State Missouri State university has accredited the program and offers benefits to those of our graduates who wish to go SEMO and undertake Ma studies in TESOL (see agreement)


The University of Southern Queensland also accredits the course and offers graduates benefits who go to Australia and undertake Ma TESOL studies

TESOL Asia holds annual conferences across the globe yearly and this is the only course offering state of the art academic backing, university accreditation and international TESOL conferences. All graduates have their unique ID registered with the ITAA organization should the student need verification or a copy at a later date.


Course content includes:

  • Principles of language acquisition
  • Changing methodologies
  • Grammar teaching principles
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Young learner language acquisition and teaching principles
  • Culture and language
  • Virtual world language learning systems
  • The Science of happiness (thanks to Marc Helgesen Japan)
  • Understanding the global concepts of TESOL teaching as a profession and your future
  • Class demonstration / practicum ( depending on location)
  • Group written research paper