Institution Subscription

Access control is by IP address range please supply details where appropriate. Subscribers are welcome to provide this information directly at

Access is perpetual/permanent, and all available past issues are automatically included. Our standard Site License can be viewed at


Subscribers, or their subscription agents, will be charged VAT in addition to the World/Europe rates unless they provide their VAT registration number.

1. All orders must be prepaid. Cheques should be payable to Intelaface Systems Co.

PayPal VISA and MasterCard (only) payments are accepted. Direct bank transfers are only accepted by prior arrangement.

2. All subscriptions are entered on a January December basis (no part or multiple years). Payments for 2013 year will be provided immediate access.

3. Refunds will only be made for subscriptions paid before 31st December in the year prior to the subscription period.


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