Deepti Gupta

Date of Birth: 20.11.1962

Nationality: Indian

Academic Qualifications: M.A. (English Literature and Linguistics), M.Phil. (Stylistics) and PhD (ELT). First class First all through.

Specialisation: Applied Linguistics

Profession: Teaching

Present Position: Associate Professor, Dept. of English, Panjab  University, Chandigarh.

Teaching Experience: 23 years.

Current Research Supervision: 1 M.Phil awarded, 4 PhD awarded, 5 PhD theses submitted, 2 PhD scholars ready to submit, 3 halfway through and 1 just started. All working in Linguistics and related areas.



  1. Communicative Language Teaching: Then and Now(Books Plus, New Delhi, October 2006)
  1. An Outline History of English Literature  (Updated Hudson s edition by adding a chapter, Vishal Publishers, Chandigarh, 2002)

Research Papers in International Journals

  1. CLT in India:  Context and Methodology Come Together  (ELT Journal, U.K., July 2004)
  1. The Communicative approach is never the problem(IATEFL  Issues,  July-September  2004)
  1. Interactive-Communicative Teaching and the Young Indian Learner  (Profile, National University of Colombia, Bogota, 2004)

4.  Who is a good teacher?  (IATEFL  Issues,  February-March, 2005)

5.  ELT in India:  The Voyage.  (Asian EFL, South Korea Hardcover, 2005)

Research Papers in National Journals

1.  Tigers and Elephants: Ringside View of the Economic Transformation of  

India  (ICFAI Journal of English Studies, Hyderabad, October 2006)

2.  The Poetics and Poetry of Childbirth…Three Woman Poems

(Punjab Journal of English Studies, GNDU, Vol. XVIII, 2003)

3.  Distance Education Comes of Age

(Indian Journal of Distance Education, Panjab University, 2000)

  1. The Indian Classroom A Case Study  (Criticism and Research, B.H.U., 1998)
  1. Making Lexical Analysis Work  (P.U. Research Bulletin, Arts, 1994)
  1. A fortnightly column on etymology titled  Roots  has been running in the local newspaper, The Tribune for Fifteen years now.
  1. ELT in India:  How the paradigm changes.  (Workshop presentation, International Congress of English Grammar, Sathyamangalam, 2004)

Extension and field outreach activities

As Resource Person

  1. Phonetics in the Classroom , PGT Teacher Training Course, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Chd., 2006
  1. Teaching Grammar , PGT Teacher Training Course, RIE, Chd., 2006
  1. Literary Theory and the Undergraduate Classroom , Refresher Course (UGC Sponsored), P.U., Chd., 2005, workshop
  1. ELT in India Keynote address and workshop, Teacher Training Course (UGC Sponsored), College of Education, Chd., 2005.
  1. Navodaya Vidyalaya, Chd. New Methodology in ELT Refresher course  for PGDT teachers. 2002, 2003 and 2004
  1. Interactive Teaching , PGT Teacher Training Course, Navodaya Vidyalaya, Chd., 2001, workshop
  1. Writing technical reports , Polytechnic college teachers training programme, RIE, Chd., 2008, workshop
  1. Writing press releases , Polytechnic college teachers training programme, RIE, Chd., 2008, workshop
  1. Conducting the stage and conducting meetings , Polytechnic college teachers training programme, RIE, Chd., 2008,workshop

Extension Lectures

  1. Govt. College, Mohali, Public Speaking and Communication Skills , 2005.
  1. Panellist, British Council discussion on English: emerging as a global language , D.A.V. College, Chandigarh, January 2005.
  1. Dept. of Hindi, P.U. Contrastive Analysis delivered to the students of the Diploma in Translation, 2004
  1. Creative Writing a workshop conducted for school children at Shivalik  Public School, Chandigarh, December 2004.
  2. I.A.S. Coaching Centre, Panjab University, Chd., Series of lectures on Communication Skills and Spoken English , 2004.
  1. I.A.S. Coaching Centre, Panjab University, Series of Lectures on the History of English Literature to UGC NET aspirants, 2000,2001 and 2002.
  1. State Bank of India, Chd., Series of Lectures on Communication Skills and English to Probationary Officers, 1999 and 2000.
  1. British Council Library, Chd., Workshop on Spoken English, November 2006 and September 2007.

Participation in Seminars and Conferences

  1. International Conference on ELT in India , DAV College, Chandigarh, 2006. Paper presented on An Indian Teacher Resolves a Methodology Dilemma .
  1. International Annual Conference of Asian EFL, S.Korea, May 2005. Paper presented on The Voyage of ELT in India . Panellist in the panel discussion on ELT In Asia ; represented India on the international panel.
  1. International Congress of English Grammar, Banari Amman  Institute of Engineering and Technology, Sathyamangalam, December 2004. Paper presented on Teaching English in the Indian Classroom . Chaired the session on Methodology in Literature Teaching .
  1. International Conference on Language in the Mind , National University of Singapore, Singapore, 2000. Paper presented on Interactive-Communicative Teaching and the Young Indian Learner .
  1. International Conference on Language and Literature of the SAARC Countries BHU, Varanasi, 1998. Paper presented on Teaching English Literature in the SAARC Classroom
  1. Workshop on General Semantics , Forum on Contemporary Thought , Vadodra, November, 2007.

Membership of Learned Societies and other Academic Bodies

  1. Member, ELTAI (English Language Teachers Association of India), Chennai.
  1. Member, IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as A Foreign Language), U.K.
  1. Member, TESOL (Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages), S.Korea.
  1. Associate Editor, Asian EFL online Journal
  1. Referee,  Diviner  Research Journal, DAV College, Chandigarh.

6.  Associate Editor,  Profile  Research Journal, Columbia


  1. Student editor-in-chief, college magazine, 1980-1982
  2. Teacher editor-in-chief, college magazine, 1986-1988
  3. Editor,  Campus Reporter,  Panjab University 1995-1996
  4. Assistant Editor, Panjab University  Research Bulletin,1997-1998
  5. Vetting and editing a textbook on Dermatology for the Post-Graduate Institute of Medicine and Research, Chandigarh
  6. Member, editorial board, HOW International journal on ELT, University of Columbia.


  1. Examiner, IELTS, IDP Australia, examiner, BEC & BULATS British Council
  2. M.Phil. Dissertation, CIEFL, Hyderabad.
  3. Panjab University: B.A.I, M.A. (English) I and II
  4. Jammu University: Hons. School I year (English), M.A. (English) II &I.
  5. H.P.University: M.A.I (English)
  6. Punjabi University: M.A.II (English)
  7. G.N.D.University: B.Com III (Functional English)
  8. Re-evaluation:
  9. P.U.: MA.I & II (English) & B.A. III
  10. Pbi. University: M.A.II (English)
  11. Jammu University: M.A.I & M.A.II (English)
  12. Examiner, BULATS, British Council
  13. Examiner, M.Phil and PhD, JNU,Delhi.