Asian EFL Journal Courses offered from September 2013
Courses will be run by TESOL Asia and ITC Inc and the Asian ESP Journal
On-line and Attendance based

TESOL Certificate 1-4
Certificate 1.    TESOL 100 hours on-line certificate                  Free
Certificate 2.    TESOL 120 hours on-line certificate                 $150.00
Certificate 3.    TESOL 150 hours on-line certificate                 $230.00
Certificate 4.    Dip. TESOL 180 hours on-line certificate        $310.00

Attendance based

  • China
  • Korea
  • Philippines
    *price varies country by country depending on the registered provider

Teaching English for Specific Purposes

In conjunction with the Asian ESP Journal
TESP Certificate 1-2
TESP Certificate 1.    TESP 60 hours on line certificate        Free
TESP Certificate 1.    TESP 120 hours on line certificate    $390.00

Attendance based
price depending on the registered provider

Test of Maritime English Proficeincy
TOMEP on-line                                                                $490.00
TOMEP attendance based (Philippines only)            $450.00