GC-TALE 2019 Volume 3

| August 2, 2020

Global Conference on Teaching, Assessment, and Learning in Education (GC-TALE 2019)
Singaraja – Bali | 5th – 7th August, 2019
Volume 3

  1. Surayanah, Nyoman Dantes, I. Wayan Suastra, AA Istri Ngurah Marhaeni
    Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)-Oriented Teaching for Enhancing Student’s Science Process Skills in Madrasah Tsanawiyah
  2. Sinta Ary Gasella1, Luh Sri Damayanti
    Diving Deeper into Zonation System in Indonesian School Admission System
  3. Kadek Maya Cyntia Dewi1, Ni Wayan Novi Suryati
    Error Analysis in Using the Simple Past Tense in Writing Recount Text at ITEKES Bali
  4. I Putu Agus Endra Susanta, I Gede Galang Surya Pradnyana
    The Use of English Language Functions for Midwifery Education
  5. Ni Wayan Novi Suryati, Kadek Maya Cyntia Dewi
    The Need of General English in Nursing Student
  6. I Dewa Ayu Made Budhyani
    Development of Moodle-Based E-Learning on Dasar Desain Subjects in Fashion Study Program
  7. I Gede Arya Wiradnyana
    Management of Indoor and Outdoor Learning Environments Oriented Toward the Concept of Tri Hita Karana as an Effort to Integrate Environmental Education
  8. I Wayan Suastra1, Ni Ketut Rapi1, and I Gede Arjana
    The Effectiveness of Project-Based Learning with Performance Assessment in Enhancing Students’ Critical Thinking Ability, Scientific Attitude, And Self-Efficacy in Science Teaching
  9. Marhamah1,2, Yulianto1,2, Yenni Rozimela2, Hasanuddin Ws
    Using Multidimensional Fluency Scale for Reading Class of Engineering Students
  10. Ni Ketut Widiartini, Putu Putri Dena Laksmi
    The Effect of Parenting Style Authoritative on Self-Efficacy of Class V Students of SD Gugus, I Gusti Ngurah Rai Kecamatan Denpasar Selatan Academic Year 2018/2019

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