Promoting Lifelong Learning

| November 13, 2013
Promoting Lifelong Learning
Keywords: Lifelong learning, LLL skills, motivation, perseverance, curiosity, self-regulation

Tanju Deveci
The Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Dr. Tanju Deveci received his PhD in Lifelong Learning and Adult Education from Ankara University, Turkey in 2011. He is currently teaching communication courses at the Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi. His background in language teaching has led him to conduct research into pragmatic competence, speech acts, learning styles and educational orientations of (adult) learners.

The fact that we are inundated with new information more than ever before challenges us in our efforts to keep up with new developments in any given aspect of life. This makes the situation even more difficult for students training to perform professional roles a few years after graduation. As a result, a lifelong approach to learning is more likely to equip individuals with the skills necessary for survival both in our professional and social lives. However, it is not always easy for educators to identify the ways they can contribute to their students’ development of lifelong learning (LLL) skills, which requires a clear definition of the term and straightforward teaching ideas. With this aim in mind, this article first summarizes discussions on lifelong learning and characteristics of lifelong learners followed by particular teaching ideas based on LLL skills classification by Coskun and Demirel (2012).

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