The Usefulness of Guided Feedback in a Web­Based IELTS Reading Programme for Arab Learners

| November 29, 2006
The Usefulness of Guided Feedback in a Web ­Based IELTS Reading Programme for Arab Learners

Language and Literacy Studies in Education The University of Manchester
The use of Web ­based materials for language learning has increased tremendously over the past decade. Many institutions make use solely of pre ­existing Web ­sites that may or may not have been designed specifically with language learners in mind, while others also utilise the skills of their teaching staff or of outside experts in order to create materials which target the specific needs of their students.

Whereas some of these materials are developed for use in classroom settings, where the teacher will be available to assist with any problems which may arise, others are designed to be used away from the classroom, and therefore need to be suitable for use by students working independently. This can present a number of problems for developers, who need to ensure that the materials contain sufficient in ­built support mechanisms.
This dissertation will examine the development of one small ­scale Web ­based reading programme created at Ras Al Khaimah Men s College in the United Arab Emirates. It will examine the support mechanisms provided and will focus on one of these: the provision of guided feedback within Web ­based reading exercises.


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