TeacherTalk and EFL in University Classrooms

| June 28, 2007
TeacherTalk and EFL in University Classrooms

MA Xiao-yan
Chongqing Normal University& Yangtze Normal University, China
In recent years, studies on the language that teachers use in language classroom has gradually drawn people s attention, the attention paid to it has become gradually increasing both abroad and in China.

In the past years, most of the researches on teacher talk have only devoted to the analysis of various phenomena about teacher talk and the objective description on teacher talk such as its characters and structure. However, few researches have explored the effects of TT on second language acquisition (SLA). TT, as a vital aspect of classroom-based language learning, is influenced by many factors. Students, though, count a significant part of teaching and learning in classrooms, have not been considered in the previous studies. It is clear that TT is influenced by many factors. As one of the important factors in language classrooms, the students, to be more exact, the students learning needs and language proficiency can not be neglected. However, so far all the researches on TT have not taken the factor of students into consideration. After a long time classroom observation, the author found that quite a few teachers talk in classrooms according to the teaching contents or examinations, and completely neglect the students learning needs.
So the present study is conducted with a purpose to investigate how TT in foreign language classrooms in our country affects foreign language learning (the language is mainly English language) from a different perspective–comparing the students preferences towards the ideal teacher with the real TT. The specific purpose is to provide empirical evidence to the suggestion that the appropriate use of teacher talk would enhance foreign language teaching and learning, and teachers should talk consciously in classrooms. In this way, teachers can improve their language quality consciously so that English language teaching and learning can be facilitated. Although TT involves many aspects, this research just focuses on three aspects which are related closely to language learning, that is: the amount of teacher talk; teachers questioning; teachers assessment.


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