2015 Teaching Articles

  • Volume 81 – January 2015 – Teaching Article

    1. Yo Hamada. Monitoring strategy in shadowing: self-monitoring and pair-monitoring
    2. Gregory Ching and Wen-Lin Wang. A comparative analysis between the vocabulary learning strategies of EFL from various demographical backgrounds
    3. Gregory Ching and Wei-Ling Tchong. Pedagogical implications of using English TV series as supplement for EFL learners
    4. Handoyo Puji Widodo and Andrzej Cirocki. Video-mediated listening tasks in the EAL classroom: a sociopragmatic perspective
    5. Ju Seong Lee. “Am I an ‘insane’ L2 teacher?”: practical suggestions for self-directed teacher professional development in Asian EFL context

  • Volume 82 – February 2015 – Teaching Article

    1. Paul Corrigan. CLIL, ICL, and Research Ethics
    2. Troy McConachy. Teaching the Pragmatics of English for Intercultural Communication
    3. Carmina P. Ambrocio, Nesa Rivera-Casim & Somewell Aljames M.Gadiane. Conjuncts used in Academic Paper and Student Expository Essays

  • Volume 83 – April 2015 – Teaching Article

    1. Dedi Turmudi. The Influencing Factors Addressed in EFL Essay Writing Class in Indonesia
    2. Yasmin Mari U. Ambrosio. A Study on the Motivational Problems of First Grade Pupils of De La Salle Zobel School: An Assessment
    3. Madhubala Bava Harji and Alireza Vafaeepour. Integrating Internet-based Materials in Reading Comprehension Courses: A Theoretical Constructivist Perspective

  • Volume 84 – May 2015 – Teaching Article

    1. Mojgan Roustaei. Reading anxiety and its relation to reading proficiency, reading strategy, and gender: The case of Iranian EFL learners
    2. Priyanka Shailat, Varun Uthappa, and Brajesh Priyadarshi. Are vowels important to second language readers of English?
    3. Matthew Robert Ferguson. Learn by yourself together: Getting Thai students in the door for self-access language learning
    4. Listyani M. Hum. Reading to learn: Integrated reading and writing to teach academic writing course

  • Volume 85 – July 2015 – Teaching Article

    1. Percival Santos.
    Hypothesis Testing as Courtroom Trial: Using Metaphor to Teach Research Paper Writing

    2. Nina I. Adriano, Noel T. Franco, Jr., Maria Fe Cortez, and Juliana Lacerna.
    The Implication of ASEAN Integration on College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Members: Issues and Challenges

    3. Thi Thu Hien Trinh.
    Integrating Culture into English Classrooms: Suggested Teaching Techniques for Vietnamese Tertiary Teachers

    4. Roger Nunn, Tanju Deveci, Hussain El Samani Brima Salih.
    Phenomenological Views of the Development of Critical Argumentation in Learners’ Discourse

    5. Yunlong Liu.
    The Use of Listening Comprehension Strategies to Recall on TOEFL: The Case of Chinese and Japanese Successful and Less Successful Listeners

  • Volume 86 – August 2015 – Teaching Article

    1. I Wy. Dirgeyasa and Khairil Ansari
    The Study of Needs Analysis of Tourism Topics and English Linguistic Features through Local-based Needs at the Golden Triangle Tourism Destination in North Sumatra Province Indonesia

    2. Nour El Imane Badjadi
    A Meta-ethnography of Task Representation in Second Language Reading-to-write

    3. Saidna Zulfiqar bin Tahir
    Multilingual Behavior of Pesantren IMMIM Students in Makassar

    4. Santri Djahimo
    The Attitudes of Teachers and Students of EFL Classes toward English Teaching and Learning Using Games and Pictures in Rural and Disadvantaged Schools in Indonesia: A Case Study

    5. Yulini Rinantanti
    Attitudes toward Autonomy in Learning English: A Case in Cenderawasih University Papua, Indonesia

  • Volume 87 – October 2015 – Teaching Article

    1. Dedi Sanjaya, Ahmad Azman Mokhtar & Sumarsih, M.Pd.
    The Impact of Personality (Extroversion/Introversion) on Indonesian EFL Learners’ Essay Writing Achievement

    2. Brian Birdsell and Roxana Sandu
    Japanese Students’ Interest in CLIL: The Role of Individual Differences

    3. Sean Michael Thornton
    An Assessment of the Viability of Casual Corpus Concordancing for the Mass Market University English Classroom

    4. Sasima Charubusp
    Plagiarism in the Perception of Thai Students and Teachers

    5. Ruth Hastutiningsih
    Reflected Ideologies in Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s Political Interviews: A Critical Discourse Analysis Study

    6. Aminah Suriaman
    Needs Assessment of English Courses for Students of the Faculty of Economics at Tadulko University

  • Volume 88 – November 2015 – Teaching Article

    1. Hsiu-yu Chu. Testing the NPAH on the GEPT Test-takers’ Output in Taiwan
    2. Aminah Suriaman. Strategies in Promoting Independent Learning through Self-Access Centre at Tadulako University
    3. Sayeedur Rahman. English Language Policy Initiatives and Implementation in Bangladesh: Micro political issues
    4. Paul C. Corrigan. Designing a Pre-Service Teacher Education Course in English for the Medium of Instruction
    5. Jason Moser. From a Knowledge-Based Language Curriculum to a Competency-Based One: The CEFR in Action in Asia