Roles of Cooperating Teachers and Practicum Supervisors and their Effect on EFL Student-Teachers’ Teaching Skills

| September 30, 2004
Roles of Cooperating Teachers and Practicum Supervisors and their Effect on EFL Student-Teachers’ Teaching Skills

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Abdallah Ahmad Baniabdelrahman
ELT Department at Inonu University, Malatya, Turkey

Bio Data
High school teacher 1983 – 1995
Full time lectures and practicum supervisor at the department of curriculum
and instruction/ Yarmouk University 1995 – 2000
Assistant Prof. Yarmouk University-Jordan 2003 –

M.A. in TEFL/ Yarmouk University (1991)
Ph D. in TEFL/ University of Arkansas/ USA (2003)

This study aimed at investigating the effectiveness of three different practicum teaching and supervision methods based on the type of visits a student – teacher receives and the number of cooperating teachers they work with, in improving the practicum teaching English language student- teachers’ performance in teaching English. It tried to answer the question: Are there significant differences in the performances of the student-teachers of the three groups in teaching English due to the method of supervision they receive or to their gender?

The population of the study consisted of all EFL students at Yarmouk University who were expected to attend two practicum teaching courses in their final semester at the University. The sample of the study consisted of all the practicum teaching two courses EFL students of the second semester of the academic year 2003/2004. They were 43 student-teachers practicing their practicum teaching in Irbid City schools.

The results of the study proved that the MSMCT method was significantly better than the MSICT and ISICT methods in improving the EFL student-teachers’ teaching skills of English. The results also pointed out that the MSICT method was also significantly better than the ISICT method in improving the EFL student-teachers teaching skills of English. No significant effect was found for gender.
Based on the findings of the study, it is recommended to offer student-teachers the opportunity to work with more than one practicum supervisor and with more than one cooperating teacher. Furthermore, other studies should be carried out using larger samples.


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