Designing Communicative Tasksfor College English Courses

| April 29, 2007
Designing Communicative Tasksfor College English Courses
WANG Cheng-jun
Chongqing Normal University& Y angtzeNormal University, China
The new College English Curriculum Requirements was issued in the year 2004, which put great emphasis on the students ability to use English in an all-round way, and sets the ability to study independently so as to solve problems with the target language as the main objective of college English teaching.

Task-based language teaching is the approach recommended to be applied to English teaching by China s Ministry of Education. TBLTis the further development of the theory of communicative language teaching (CLT).The aim of CLT is to foster the learners communicative competence. TBLT takes tasks as its key units for designing and implementing foreign language teaching, while the communicative task is a branch of tasks whose aim is to
cultivate the learners ability to communicate with others.

In our teaching experiences, we have made several surveys on our students. We find the learners two main problems: they have lower rates of verbal participation and they fail to express themselves with basic fluency and accuracy.

Therefore, how to design effective communicative tasks for college English course to solve these two problems and to develop the learners communicative competence is a key issue before us.
So, the major aim of the thesis is to provide college teachers with a framework for analyzing and designing communicative tasks, presenting teachers with two approaches of design communicative tasks to solve the learners two main problems, which will help teachers select, adapt or create their own design of effective communicative tasks and make their college English teaching more successful and more effective.


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