L1 / L2 Learning in Children: Explicitly Reframed

| September 1, 2002
L1 / L2 Learning in Children: Explicitly Reframed

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Peter Dash
Some scholars have tried to frame second language acquisition (SLA) within children as a neat and clean proposition. The question for examination is whether children learn a second language implicitly (rather than explicitly) in the same way they acquire it in L1 (Fromkin et al., 1999, 347). However, the frames of children and their learning implicitly will receive particular attention, at first. The more central question, -traditionally simplified to L1=L2- will be subsequently examined. There will be also attempts, at times to demonstrate where theory may have affected practice so as to inject some pragmatic content into the exercise. A condensed historical overview will help reinforce the importance of the task at hand.

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