Online EFL Education for the Learners with Print Disabilities

| September 27, 2014


Online EFL Education for the Learners with Print Disabilities

Keywords: Blind, Visually Impaired, ESL, Online Education, Distance Learning, Accessibility, Print Disability

Aaron E. Martinson
English Department, Sejong Cyber University, South Korea


Aaron E. Martinson, M.S.Ed, is a lecturer and course developer in the Department of English at Sejong Cyber University in Seoul, South Korea. He has taught EFL students of all skill levels and ages for the past six years. He is currently focusing on research in interface and communication systems that will improve experiences for distance learners, as well as research focused on how to incorporate distance learning for those with disabilities.


Gaining proficiency in English can create opportunities for non-native English speakers throughout the world in areas of education, employment, and even their personal lives. However due to an increased reliance of visually based multimedia receiving an education has become more challenging for those with print disabilities. Where technologies once created opportunities for those with a print disability, it is now creating barriers. The goal of this paper is to demonstrate that there is a need and desire for the print disabled to learn English through a digital platform, and that those platforms are creating barriers that are preventing the learners from receiving the same quality of education that their sighted counterparts. It will also identify possible solutions that can be implemented to curb this problem.

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